Here at ConnectMyApps we like to think we have a lot of experience with business applications. Over the last ten years we have worked at developing, selling and implementing various apps - for customers both very small and very large.

Regardless of their size, we saw most businesses facing the same challenge - how to best capture their specific processes and work tasks in various applications. It was clear that in most cases a single app couldn't cover everything, at least not to the level demanded. An application that had great accounting functionality often lacked sufficient CRM functionality, or an all-in-one system lacked e-commerce features, and so on.


We strongly believe in the benefits of integrated business software applications. Big businesses have been benefiting from integrated systems for years, so why aren’t small businesses?

In our experience, most SMEs begin by buying individual applications for certain areas as they need them. As the business grows they realize their disconnected systems are becoming a bottleneck, but they don’t have the expertise in-house to integrate them, and hiring a developer is expensive and time consuming.

Alternatively, some try switching to an ‘all-in-one’ ERP-type system with several different modules, but the hassle of learning a new system and migrating historic data from the existing apps into the new system is often not worth the challenge.

We believe it makes sense for a business to use multiple applications, choosing the best fit for each process rather than trying to fit square pegs into round holes. If you are serious about your business wouldn't you want to choose the best possible solution for your sales team, for your marketing, for your accountant and for your ecommerce needs? Of course it's all very well saying you should use the right app for the job - the question is how do you connect the dots and use the data from each app to get the full picture, without hours of re-typing data and fiddling with import files?

If only someone would make a pay-as-you-go integration platform that would know how to connect the core business applications you really rely on... Now there's a bright idea!


ConnectMyApps was formed with the goal of becoming the number one data synchronisation platform for small to medium sized businesses. Our team of developers and consultants have a long history in both developing custom applications and delivering "off the shelf" packages for the SME market, as well as having worked with some the biggest names in the IT industry.