ConnectMyApps has unique features making it the most powerful, complete application integration platform in its price category.

Continuous data synchronization

Unlike most app integration platforms, ConnectMyApps offers true integration and data synchronization, ensuring you have consistent, accurate information. Our advanced algorithms synchronize data continuously, rather than simply replicating and doing a ‘one-time transfer’ from one app to another. For example, if you add a new contact in your CRM app, it will be created in your Accounting app. If you later change the 'Phone' field for that contact in your CRM app, ConnectMyApps will also update the 'Phone' field in the Accounting app.

Connect cloud and desktop apps with CloudConnector™

ConnectMyApps lets you integrate desktop (“locally-installed” or “on-premise”) applications with cloud (web-based) applications. Our CloudConnector™ tool lets you “cloudify” programs installed on your desktop so they can talk directly to web apps, so you can keep using software you are familiar with. For example, if you want to continue using the Accounting program installed on your computer, and want to start using a cloud-based e-commerce system, simply install CloudConnector™ on your machine, connect the two apps and you’re ready to go.

Customization options to fit your business processes

All of our workflows are ready to use "out of the box" - you can customize them yourself using the available options on the Workflow Customization screen. Options are presented in easy to understand language, no technical knowledge required! However, there may be situations where you need a higher degree of customization than what is possible "out of the box". Perhaps you have special logic you would like your workflow to follow, or perhaps you would even like a brand new workflow to better fit your business processes?

With Advanced Customization a ConnectMyApps technical consultant can customize the workflow for you behind the scenes to do exactly what you need it to do. They can even create brand new workflows just for you! You don't need to worry about the technical details, we handle that all for you - you just need to tell us what you need done.

Get started quickly with our helpful wizard

ConnectMyApps is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, but like any new system, it can take time to get familiar with. To make it easy to get started, we offer a helpful quick-start wizard that guides you through the process of connecting your first apps and setting up your workflows. Our wizard also includes extensive Help options throughout each step of the process.

Clear and affordable pricing and packages

We want to make things as easy as possible for our customers, so our prices are completely transparent. It is easy to work out exactly which package you should be on to get the features you require, without any confusing terms or complex volume requirements. ConnectMyApps offers no-nonsense application integration that works like it should, for a very low monthly fee.

Workflow Scheduling

Once you have created your workflows you can run them whenever you like at the click of a button. Alternatively you can set your workflows to run on a schedule, meaning you can get on with real work knowing that your data is being kept in sync for you. Depending on the plan you are on, schedules can be set to either every 10 or 5 minutes.

Easily manage your account from the CloudManager™

Control your account from ConnectMyApps CloudManager™. It includes a comprehensive dashboard where you can add, remove or edit your applications and workflows, as well as view a history of the data transferred.

History and Audit Trail

A log of all data transferred via ConnectMyApps workflows is stored securely and available for review within ConnectMyApps CloudManager™, creating an audit trail for your data. This gives you peace of mind that data was transferred and lets you see when and where data was sent.

Technical Support

You can email our support team 24/7 with technical issues, and we will do our best to reply to you within 1 business day. In addition, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is continually being updated and you can find tips from other users on our forum. Following @ConnectMyApps on Twitter is a good way to keep up to date with new integrations, general technical issues and tips.