ConnectMyApps is a cloud-based platform with ready-made integrations between common business software applications. Simply tell it which apps and data you want to keep in sync, and ConnectMyApps will do the rest. You don’t need any technical skills or programming knowledge.

ConnectMyApps works with software applications that are installed locally on your computer, as well as cloud applications accessed via the internet.

Get up and running in less than 5 minutes!

ConnectMyApps works “out-of-the-box” without any complicated set up, letting you automate your core business processes in three easy steps:


Register your apps

Simply choose the apps you want to connect, and enter the details needed to connect to them - we'll tell you where to find them.


Define your workflow

Choose one of the pre-configured workflows from the list e.g. transfer sales invoices from CRM to Accounts, and customize if required.


Run your workflow

You can run your workflow immediately and sync your apps, or set it to run automatically on a schedule between every 10 and 5 minutes.

Why you'll love ConnectMyApps

Most of the businesses we talk to waste hours each week on needless admin tasks such as retyping or importing contacts, orders or invoices from one app to another. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone!

But even if you import data from one app to another, is that information being updated in both apps when it changes? For example, is the address for a customer in your accounting software the same as the address in your CRM software? Possibly not, leading to inconsistent information, which is why continuous data synchronization is just as important as data transfer in the first place.

Similarly, many business owners or managers spend valuable time looking for figures in different systems, or having to reconcile it with other data. For business managers, having accurate, up-to-date information is essential to understand the true state of the enterprise.

By integrating your core business applications, you can focus on important tasks like getting in sales and managing the company, saving you time, money and giving you better control of the business.

More on how it works

Control your account from the cloud manager logo

Our CloudManager dashboard gives you a full overview of your applications, workflows and usage history in one place. You can log into CloudManager at any time via the internet to add, remove or edit your workflows and other settings.

From CloudManager you can also see what data has been transferred and when with our Workflow History feature.

Fast, secure data transfer via the cloud

ConnectMyApps synchronizes your data from one application to the other via the internet, or “cloud”. Cloud computing is really just a term for applications that run on the internet. If you have used Gmail, bought books on Amazon, music on iTunes or films on Netflix, you have used cloud computing.

When we say "cloud" we mean that our software is running in huge data centres provided by industry giants such as Microsoft and Amazon, ensuring our services are stable, secure and scalable. It lets us provide the up-time and service levels you expect, at a very low cost. Good news for us, good news for you. Download our free e-book to read more

Ready-made integrations using APIs

Most software has an API (Application Programming Interface), which is a tool that lets software developers make integrations between apps. Put simply, it lets two different applications which speak different “languages” to talk to each other. The trouble is that APIs are complicated and difficult to use for people without programming experience, so it can be expensive to have integrations developed.

Using the APIs of the most common business software, ConnectMyApps has developed ready-made integrations that work “out-of-the-box”, so you don’t need to hire someone to make them. We thoroughly test our connections before release to ensure they work correctly. Read more about our integrations

Mapping data between applications

The key to successful software integration is mapping data fields from one app to another. For example, in your CRM system your contact may have an 'Address' field, but in your accounting system the field is called 'Street'. Our workflows come out of the box pre-configured with these basic mappings so you don't need to waste your time telling your workflow the obvious! With our Advanced Customization option we can tailor your workflow to fit even the most complicated business processes. Read more about customization options.

Workflow Scheduling

Once you have created your workflows you can run them whenever you like at the click of a button. Alternatively you can set your workflows to run on a schedule, meaning you can get on with real work knowing that your data is being kept in sync for you. Depending on the plan you are on, schedules can be set to either every 10 or 5 minutes. Read more about our price plans

Intelligent data synchronization

Our workflows use advanced algorithms to keep your information truly synchronized. Our intelligent workflows check if data in one app, such as a customer, sales order or product record already exists in the other. In cases where a record does not exist, ConnectMyApps will create a new record. In cases where the record does exist, ConnectMyApps will update it with changes made in the other application.

For example, assuming you had connected your CRM and Accounting software, if you then updated the address field of an existing customer record in your CRM system, our intelligent workflows will pick up the change and update the address information in your correspondning record in your accounting software. Read more about continuous data synchronization