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About SalesScreen

Key Features
  • Boost sales rep engagement and productivity.
  • Instantly visualise and understand all of your sales data in one place.
  • Motivate sellers with rewards, recognition, and real-time competitions.
  • Complete overview of sale activities on screens, web and mobile (iPhone, Android).

SalesScreen boosts engagement and motivation within sales teams in real-time on web, mobile app and on TV screens. First, we provide insight on the key metrics that lead to more sales, enabling your teams to focus on what matters most. Next, we help managers recognize key achievements and reward great performance with leaderboards, ranks, badges and milestone events. Finally, we stimulate the competitive instinct within sales teams, encouraging them to surpass their goals and build team spirit. Try it today and increase your sales and activities by up to 230%!

For more information visit https://salesscreen.no.

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